• Fenrir

    Norse Mythology
    Mastery of fire, Raw power
    Famous for:
    Slaying Odin ֠father of all gods
    Being tied up
    Said to be the father of all wolves, Fenrir is a fearsome sight in battle. His brute strength is magnified by the power of fire, and his ability to break out of restraining effects makes him an almost unstoppable beast on the battlefield. Every enemy who crosses his path can only wish his existence was nothing more than a myth. But the scars this beast leaves are very real indeed.
  • Robin Hood

    English folklore
    Striking from the shadows
    Famous for:
    Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor
    Corruption, The Sheriff of Nottingham
    With an array of arrow attacks, Robin Hood is a marksman guaranteed to leave enemies quivering. From firing multiple arrows at once to striking from a great distance, the hero of Sherwood Forest adds a new dimension to any assembly of heroes. When Robin's around, it won't be long before those who oppose him feel the sharp end of his skill set.
    Robin Hood
  • Tesla

    Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia)
    Leaving enemies in a state of shock
    Famous for:
    Bending electricity to his will
    Thomas Edison, Sleeping
    Having made a career out of harnessing the flow of electricity, it's no surprise that Tesla brings some serious shock and awe to the battlefield. Not only can he deal damage to multiple enemies with his ranged attacks, he also possesses the power to teleport short distances. If you find yourself on the opposite team from this great showman, don't be surprised if he takes the opportunity to turn you into an impromptu semiconductor.
  • Cleopatra

    Egyptian History
    Bending men to her will
    Famous for:
    Being the last Pharaoh to rule Egypt
    Roman Generals
    Contrary to the popular image of the scheming and manipulative seductress on her throne that Hollywood likes to paint, Cleopatra is not afraid to get her hands dirty and dive right into the heart of the battle. And there is always her rumored fondness for using deadly poisons…
  • Little Red Riding Hood

    French Fairytale
    Deadly at close range
    Famous for:
    Misidentifying grandma
    Fake grandmas
    Don't mistake Little Red Riding Hood for an innocent girl making her way back to grandma's house. This fairytale fighter loves to get in the thick of the action and wields a sword that can cut even the biggest, baddest wolf down to size. Her brutal spinning slashes and charges are designed to hit multiple enemies at once, and her mastery of fire makes her too hot to handle for many a foe.
    Little Red Riding Hood


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